Our vision is to see the hope of Christ
In every student in America.

Our mission is to unite the local body of Christ to influence
the middle and high schools with the gospel.

What does that look like?  Students from the networked churches sent as missionaries to their school with networks of adult support.  Those adult support networks are made up of church leaders, teachers, parents, and business leaders.

We, at First Priority of America, are here to train and equip leaders to implement the First Priority mission in their community.

Any great move of God rises and falls on the leader.


Consider the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem….
How many people do you think came through town and said, ‘These walls are a disgrace?  Someone should do something about that.”  But it wasn’t until Nehemiah came along that something actually happened.

Will you be the Nehemiah for the non-believing students in your community?